Focus Areas


GAILs indicative list of such areas is as follows:

Natural Gas

  • New applications of  Natural Gas
  • City Gas Distribution
  • Natural Gas Storage
  • Gas Sourcing and optimization
  • Pipeline Operations and Maintenance


  • Polymer Product Optimization
  • Development of new polymer grades, catalysts and indigenization of existing catalysts
  • New Polymer applications


  • Energy efficiency/conservation in process plants/pipelines
  • Renewable and Alternate energy sources
    • Treatment of Bio mass
    • Production and Upgradation of Bio Gas / Bio Fuel / other value-added products
    • Compression and Transportation of Bio Gas
    • Integration of Compressed Bio Gas (CBG) Plants with City Gas Distribution (CGD) networks
    • Other sources of Renewable and Alternate Energy


  • Project Management
  • Re-engineering of  processes
  • Nano materials
  • Internet -of-Things, Cyber Security, Data Mining and Analytics
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Water and Effluent Treatment, Desalination
  • Any Other area relevant to GAIL's Business

      Electric Vehicle

    • EV hybrids with NG
    • Low cost / light weight Batteries
    • Battery Packaging technologies
    • Fast charging systems
    • Electric motors for EVs
    • Power electronics for EVs
    • EV part manufacturers
    • Battery health Monitoring
    • Li recovery/battery recycle
    • Any Other Area relevant to EV business


  • Nutrition & Health
  • Techno-medical
  • Drinking water & Sanitation


  • Education
  • Skill development
  • Rural development
  • Women empowerment
  • Care of elderly and differently abled


  • Pollution abatement
  • GHG reduction
  • CO2 conversion / utilization